Bach’s Suite Gift: A Musical Journey Through J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007

“The study and performance of the music of J.S.  Bach is a rich and complex field in which study of historical context, performance practice, baroque dance, musical/theoretical content, and psychic and spiritual matters are all required and rewarded. Over the course of decades of teaching and performing, Tanya Carey has delved deep into all of these concerns. In this wonderful book, Dr. Carey draws on deep experience to open doors, reveal wonders, offering both beginning and advanced students a wealth of essential material to work with in approaching one of the most beloved pieces in all of classical music. The orderly, accessible presentation of all of this information makes this book a treasure which will enrich the work of any young musician fortunate enough to own it.”
Dr. John Mark Rozendaal
Baroque ‘Cello and Viola da Gamba Artist
Trio Settecento, The Viola Da Gamba Dojo of New York,
Second City MusickBrandywine Baroque & Plectra Music,
and various YouTube Videos
“This book is a fascinating journey in teaching this beloved suite. Carey explains the four sources used in compiling this edition and the background of a dance suite. She devotes an entire page to explaining the various musical ingredients in Bach’s music, including polyphony, keys, harmony, and melody. Another page is devoted to an explanation of the eighteen different trills and ornaments used in the Suite. She also includes a brief story of Bach’s life and the cello during this lifetime. Each movement has a description, the music with bass line, and the Anna Magdalena Manuscript, with all sources listed. The music is without bowings, includes fingerings, and has Anna Magdalena Manuscript bowings in a cue line above the music. Video support is available on the Cello Playing is Easy website. This book of forty-four pages is packed with information, ideas for playing and teaching, and excellent preparation to really help a student hear, see, feel, and understand this Suite. I’m excited to use it with my own private students!”
Nola Campbell
Director of orchestras at Glastonbury High School
New Britain Symphony Orchestra in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area
Review in the American String Teacher February 2022 page 44.

Cello Playing is Easy – Warm-ups

“If you are a cellist searching for new pedagogical material as a player, teacher, and facilitator, this book is vital to your library.” AMERICAN STRING TEACHER, November 2007.

“…a very detailed and comprehensive step-by-step curriculum…a thorough system of over a hundred warm-up exercises complete with the length of time for which each should be practiced as part of a 20-minute practice session…the directions are excellent.” STRAD MAGAZINE February 2008

“A must have for all cellists! This book is relevant and useful for cellists of every age and level. It is invaluable in my pedagogy courses.” Melissa Kraut, Cleveland Institute of Music.

Cello Playing in Easy – Scales

“Distinguished cello teacher Tanya Carey has raised scores of highly successful cellists. Through her comprehensive publications, such as this volume on scales and arpeggios, generations of cello teachers and performers will be able to benefit from her insightful experience and clear, practical guidance. I feel grateful for all I have learned from her generous examples.”
 Richard Hirschl, Cellist
Chicago Symphony
Artist Teacher Roosevelt University CCPA
“With this most recent addition to her highly acclaimed technique development series for cellists, Cello Playing is Easy, Tanya Carey infuses her incomparable curriculum with a deeply comprehensive guide to teaching and studying scales. This generous body of work, crafted from a life dedicated to performing and teaching and presented by one of the great artist-teachers of today, will stand as a benchmark for future methods. Tanya Carey’s passion for the cello, and compassion for those who devote themselves to studying the instrument, is evident on every page. This book is a gift, and a tremendous resource that is practical in every way.”
Astrid Schween
Cellist, Juilliard String Quartet
Cello Faculty, The Juilliard School and The Perlman Music Program
“The second book in the Cello Playing Is Easy series, this book provides a sequenced series of steps from foundation through artist to “develop the vocabulary of Western Music.” This provides teachers a blueprint for teaching scales and arpeggios, including the Ivan Galamian Scale System for Violoncello, and to clarify analytical and organizational processes for all cellists in the practice room. The first book, Part 1: Warm-ups, was dedicated to Margaret Rowell and Irene Sharp. Part 2 is dedicated to Hans Jorgen Jensen and Richard Aaron. This volume includes group activities, checklists for each step, theory facts, fourteen organizational plans, cello positions game, cello positions chart, and a comprehensive curriculum for cello. I appreciate the spiral-bound layout for frequent ease of use, and the sample syllabus page that illustrates corresponding repertoire levels with scales and arpeggios, and with reading and etudes. Video support for this volume is available online at I highly recommend this practical resource from one of the most distinguished cello pedagogues of today.”
Amy Catron, professor
Millikin University
American String Teacher (ASTA)  page 57, May 2021

Etudes – A Comprehensive Guide

Tanya Carey’s “Etudes, A Comprehensive Guide,” is a jewel! It includes all the most important etudes in the cello repertory and presents the material imaginatively with creative tips on how to study and practice in the most efficient and effective way. No cello teacher or cello student should miss owning these wonderful books. Hans Jorgen Jensen, Professor Department of Music Performance, Bienen School of Music Northwestern University Chicago

Tanya Carey has provided in “Cello Playing is Easy” a highly comprehensive and pragmatic guide for teachers and players. Her approach is well organized and provides excellent insights into the “why” and “how” of cello playing. These materials will be highly useful for students, performers, and teachers. Many important pedagogical resources are tied together in the most logical of ways. This should be essential reading for teachers! Anthony Elliott, Emeritus Professor of Cello Conductor, Michigan Youth Symphony Orchestra The University of Michigan

Ready to Read

Ready to Read clearly articulates all the steps that are necessary to prepare the young musician to be a successful reader. It is a goal-oriented book that is fun and engaging for children and their parents.” Sarah Jackson, Assistant Director, Suzuki Strings at the University of South Carolina. Sight Reading is Easy is a series of four unison books with Guide and Encyclopedia.

Sight Reading is Easy for Cello

“These books are fantastic! By the time my students complete the Sight Reading is Easy sequence, they have a solid grounding in both reading and rhythm. SRE pieces and exercises combine an organized sequence of cello technique with a logical well-paced approach to learning major and minor key signatures, rhythmic relationships, and simple and compound meter.” Carolyn Mead, Mead Cello Studio, Suzuki Method Teacher Trainer

Sight Reading is Easy for Violin

Sight Reading is Easy for Violin” is an incredibly valuable addition to the resources we need for the effective teaching of reading skills, with students in the private studio. It is thoroughly researched, well-organized and comprehensive for all levels. Most importantly, with its graphics and illustrations, it is designed to be child-and-parent friendly. This is a welcome volume from a widely-respected and experienced pedagogue.” Allen Lieb, The School for Strings. New York

Sight Reading is Easy for Viola

“We are excited about this book and are eager to put it to use. Students will be motivated by its contents and gain a solid foundation in music reading.” Doris Preucil, Founding Director Emerita, The Preucil School of Music, Iowa City, Iowa, Suzuki Method Teacher Trainer and William Preucil, Professor Emeritus, The University of Iowa.

Sight Reading is Easy for String Bass

 “Sight Reading is Easy for Bass” is the perfect companion to any bass teaching method. I will be using it with all my students. It is not just a collection of progressive exercises; it is a very thorough compendium of music fundamentals.” Dan Swaim, Professor Emeritus of Double Bass, Arizona State University; Chair Suzuki Association of the Americas Double Bass Committee.

Advanced Application

“The interviews and information included in this book provide a behind the scenes look at what most students don’t find out until they actually get the job–that sight-reading is essential to your success as an orchestral musician!”
Alan Rafferty, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music

“Aspiring music students will treasure this revelatory and indispensable resource. Dr. Carey has enlisted the ideal spokespeople to impart wisdom only gained through a lifetime of music.” Walter Preucil, Cellist, Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra; Suzuki Cello Instructor, Preucil String Studio

Cello Playing is Easy – Parts 5&6: Repertoire Review and Building

“Dr. Carey’s Cello Playing is Easy books have been the foundation of my cello playing and teaching. The first three parts that cover Warm-Ups, Scales & Arpeggios, and Etudes, is the toolbox that informs the technique in our playing. In parts 5 & 6, Repertoire: Review and Building, we take our toolbox and we open up a world of artistic possibilities in our preparation time. We learn how to properly find time for our preparation and how to schedule it out through the week according to our own needs. I highly recommend this to all artists of any age and level! I will definitely be taking this into my own teaching.”
Everardo Sanchez, cellist
BM/Performance Diploma, Roosevelt University – CCPA
MM Candidate, DePaul University
Cello Faculty, Music Institute of Chicago

“The concepts in this book are the foundation from which I built an international performing career, and I am thrilled that Dr. Carey has put them together in this comprehensive and clear roadmap. Cello Playing is Easy is revolutionary in the enjoyment of playing and practicing the cello, and it sets up the habits that will effortlessly lead to success. A true gift to cello players.
Saeuun Thorsteinsdottir
International Performing Cellist
Cello Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle, WA