Cello Playing is Easy Part 1: Warm-Ups

Cello Playing is Easy
Part 1: Warm-ups

Cello Playing Is Easy—Warm-ups is a comprehensive guide to technique for cello from establishing the beginning stages to maintenance for the mature player. Contents:

Body: concepts; routines for energy and freedom of movement; and Dr. Alice Brandfonbrener’s Warm-Up/ Cool-Down Exercises.

Sound: concepts; basic bow strokes; tone development; preparation for spiccato; spiccato; advanced bowing techniques; and pizzicato.

Pitch: concepts, shifting, trills, thumb position, double stops, vibrato, intonation, and double joints.

Guides for the Teacher: technique guides; group lesson guide; lesson manager; and comprehensive musicianship guides on 8 levels of advancement.

Guides for the Cellist: planners, Technique Check List, and biographies of contributors.

174 pages. 190 full color pictures. Companion videos available on this website with order.