Cello Playing is Easy Part 2 — Scales & Arpeggios

Cello Playing is Easy
Part 2: Scales & Arpeggios

Cello Playing Is Easy—Scales and Arpeggios guides cellists through Eight Steps from Foundation through Artist, encompassing Ten Repertoire/Technique Levels, which develop the vocabulary of Western Music.  It is intended for teachers who want to know how and when to present scales and arpeggios, for cellists who are interested in mastering the Ivan Galamian Scale System for Violoncello, and for practice partners who want to understand the process. Includes: Group Activities, Checklists for each Step, Theory Facts, 14 Organizational Plans, Cello Positions Game, Cello Positions Chart, and a Comprehensive Curriculum for Cello. 128 pages, spiral bound. Video support online at celloplayingiseasy.com.